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Customer Complaints

Almost every business receives a complaint or negative feedback at some point. What percentage of customers would you say are either un-satisfied with your service (or) display mixed feelings about your service.

Customer Communication

The highest success rates happen when your customer knows that they will be receiving review request via Email or SMS. How will you let your customer know that they will receive a review request from you?

Example of Ask in Person: "Susan, I hope you enjoyed the service I provided today. Would you mind if I send you a request for feedback on how I did?"

Request Timing

When requesting a review from a customer, it's best to ask when the experience is fresh in the customers mind. How soon after the service is complete can you send the customer request?


These results are estimates based on similar businesses within the ReviewTec database and should not be used to determine exactly how many reviews you will receive. There are many other factors that could skew your business success rate higher or lower. These estimates are not guaranteed.