How ReviewTec Works

ReviewTec makes it easy to get new customer reviews and showcase them directly on your website! Here's how it works:

Send a Request

You send your customer a request for a review via the ReviewTec system. You can send messages via Email and/or SMS Text Message.

Customer Experience

When your customer receives the request, they are asked how they would rate their experience with your business (out of 5 stars).

Positive Experiences

If your customer indicates they had a good experience (4 or 5 stars), they are either:

  • Sent directly to your preferred review website to leave their review.
  • Asked to select which review website they would prefer to leave their review.

Negative Experiences

If your customer indicates they had a bad experience (1, 2 or 3 stars), the system will:

  1. Ask them how their experience could have been made better.
  2. Thank the customer for leaving their honest feedback.
  3. Store the review within the ReviewTec database.
  4. Send an email directly to the business owner so they can contact the customer and correct the situation.

Showcase Your Reviews

As ReviewTec gathers new reviews of your business, it creates a collection of top reviews (4 and 5 star) that can be automatically displayed on your website.

Showcase these reviews to let new and potential customers know how happy your current customers are!

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