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We send Email & SMS requests. You get Google Reviews.

It's as easy as that! Our free automated setup assistant finds your review pages so you don't have to. In only 3 minutes from now, our review service can help you get your first 5 star

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No more need for Apps, Software or Extensions.

Our web based reviews service works on ANY DEVICE with a web browser. No more complicated installations or setups. Simply bookmark or create a launch icon to your "Send a Request" page and that's it. Your whole team is ready in 5 minutes! Launch it. Send it. We do the rest!

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Fully customizable emails, SMS text messages, reminders and thank you's

Use our high performance message templates OR customize your Email and SMS messages to your own liking. Are your customers primarily Spanish or French? No problem! Create your messages in your language of choice.

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Track, report and hold team competitions

Our detailed reporting tools track everything from staff email and sms requests to customer clicks, opens ratings and reviews.

Use the team reporting tool to hold monthly review competitions. The team member with the most 5 star reviews wins!

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Monthly customer retention. Small businesses love ReviewTec!


Small business and individuals currently use ReviewTec to improve their SEO.


Reviews gathered for our small business clients and rising!

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